Your Dedicated Asset
Management Team

Our hands-on team aim to consistently deliver the highest standards of service while looking after your investment.

Our Vision

It’s never been our vision to be Australia’s biggest asset management company because we do things differently to the big corporations.

With a focus on Sub-Regional and Super-Neighbourhood shopping centres, our objectives go beyond the basic requirements or scope of work a contract as we deliver a tailored service that has a meaningful impact.

We build long term relationships with our clients, suppliers and the wider community through transparency and superior management. We offer incredible value for money in the short-term as we improve the value of an asset into the future.

Our Approach


We’re available, proactive and transparent at all times for both our clients and retailers.


We build lasting relationships through trust and consistency.


We know the challenges you face and use our expertise to overcome them.

Our Growing Community of Retail Partners

The Structure Retail
Management Team

While every member of the SRM team brings something different, we all share the common goal of creating deeper connections with our clients and the communities we support.

We use our vast experience in customer service, retail management, operations, hospitality, marketing, maintenance, administration and finance to make a real difference to our clients and their assets.

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